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  • Rachael Schendel
  • Katie DeSouza
  • Danny McLain
  • Neely Catignani
  • Lindsey Armstrong
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Why we do what we do.

These aren’t just cool posters. They’re words that guide how we think, how we work and, often, how we live. Each one was created by a different redpepper designer, but the values are embraced by us all.

We believe everyone is uniquely creative. If creativity is having the capacity to have a useful idea and make it a reality, then each of us is a creative in our own way. Ideas happen all the time, and they can come from anywhere. And when a group of people brings an idea to life, that's the result of each individual's ability to perform at their creative best. We love what we do or we don't do it at all. Execution is as important as the ideas themselves. If we don't stay passionate about what we do and how we do it, we risk our client's success. And, while there are times when we all must grin and bear it, here is the exception, not the rule. We actively support personal growth. Growing people are happy people. We have focused our culture around actively helping our people grow within their strengths and passions. This has helped us stay innovative in an ever-changing marketing landscape. If we aren't changing we're dying. Change is inevitable. It's the one thing we can all be sure will happen next. And we must adapt lest we fall prey to the status quo and become crippled by conventional wisdom. Each day is new and should be treated as an opportunity to forge new ground and stay on marketing's leading edge. We provide creativity with provable benefits. A useful idea yields functional and emotional benefits. Both can be measured, and we measure both. It's how we hold ourselves and our clients accountable for marketing dollars invested. Because if no one benefits from our ideas, then they're not useful - only creative. In other words, we only care about creativity that works.