April Bermudez

Super Streamliner

A Few Words About April

See that blur in the redpepper family portrait?

It’s April Bermudez.

Not that she isn’t photogenic. (She’s actually quite stunning.) But with a to-do list like April’s, who has time to count to three and smile?

As a core element of our Studio Group, April is always creating ways to bring order to our chaos. For example, she’s the mastermind behind The Puzzle, our 360-degree view of how projects run through our agency.

But keeping us in line isn’t the only way April flexes her creativity.

Her lifelong passion for interior design has led to a thriving business and more than a little recognition. April’s work can be seen all around Nashville and was even featured on West Elm’s design blog.

Lucky for us, she’s willing to share her style swagger with redpepper.

As our in-house set designer and environmental branding specialist, April combines her business smarts and design know-how to create spaces that are both breathtaking and smart.

In her oh-so-brief moments of free time, April loves being by the water, devouring new music, visiting family and soaking up the company of life-long friends. This recent pescatarian has even begun to cook.

Knowing April, she’ll be a gourmet chef in no time.

See April at work (and play)