Carl Schulz

Creator Without Borders

A Few Words About Carl

Some people are artistically gifted. Others are more tech-minded. Carl Schulz happens to be both. He’s also one of those strange people who work in order to work more.

So what makes this cross-country creative constantly “on?” Some say he was born that way. Carl says it’s his passion for telling visual stories through website design, film and photography.

And boy, does he have some stories to tell.

Carl grew up in Northern Brazil and still loves to travel. In fact, international couch surfing is one of his many hobbies. When he isn’t building websites or mopeds, Carl can be found cooking, writing music videos or collaborating with friends on his next creative project.

Other bold dots on Carl’s timeline include building his first website at 14 (a Nirvana tribute site) and being the video master for the viral hit Beeri.

Now, let’s all raise our glasses to Carl.

See Carl at work (and play)