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Emilie Guthrie

Account Management Maverick

A Few Words About Emilie

Even at age fifteen, Emilie already knew advertising would look good on her.

She started studying marketing in high school. And like the smoothest in the biz, she let her curiosity guide her while trying on a bit of everything. Dabbling in graphic design, copywriting and traffic coordination led her, of all places, to the account side of things.

Pile on nine years of experience managing big automotive brands, luxury resorts and fine dining restaurants — throw in a heaping spoonful of personality — and Emilie is now a top-notch account supervisor.

As if she wasn’t cool enough, Emilie’s the one to watch when it comes to trends. Whether she’s putting together the perfect outfit or making recommendations of technology, travel, food, or music variety, you can bet it’s the best there is. Need a good spot to stay when you’re backpacking in the Swiss Alps (Interlaken, specifically)? Recommendations for dinner and a show right here in Nashville? Can’t remember the name of that new T-shirt shop everyone is raving about? Tips on pickling or homebrewing? This girl can hook. You. Up. 

You’ll never find Emilie without her sunglasses and jawbone jambox, bringing soul, style and good vibes wherever she goes. In fact, her dream job is creating soundtracks for other people’s lives.

We’re already feeling a little more upbeat.

See Emilie at work (and play)
Ily Phelps | Our People / redpepper

redpepper Integrated Ad Agency

Ad Agency by day. Invention lab by night.

Ily Phelps

Designer with Rhythm

A Few Words About Ily

Ily stays on top of her game — in both dance and design — and keeps us groovin’ right alongside her. She brings steady style to every design she makes, be it UI, illustration or otherwise, and does so with a personality as bright as her ever-changing hair color.

In other words, the girl’s got moves.

When she’s not creating our next cover photo or something fresh for one of our clients, you might find those feet of hers freestylin’ — whether on the ground or on her skateboard — while she soaks up some sunshine. And since she’s constantly going, we asked her to share what inspires her to press pause. Turns out, it’s the simple things: picnics in the park, a plate of pad Thai, or a well-percolated cup of coffee (which gets her right back up and moving again).

Ily’s dancing shoes have seen the world, and she may or may not have a Youtube channel to prove it. Her favorite spot? Berlin, a place as vibrant as Ily herself, and almost as unique as her name (BTW, it’s pronounced ‘eye-lee’). Her Mom-given moniker is actually an acronym for “I love you”.

With talents as rare as her name, what’s not to love?

See Ily at work (and play)
Tyler Zenk | Our People / redpepper

redpepper Integrated Ad Agency

Ad Agency by day. Invention lab by night.

Tyler Zenk

Clever Creator

A Few Words About Tyler

Wyoming may be home to Old Faithful, but we know it as the birthplace of UI/UX designer, Tyler Zenk.

At first glance, you might pin Tyler as an outdoorsman - and you’d be right. His two key life philosophies? “If you don’t camp in a tent, it’s not camping” and “every man should have facial hair.” On a nice day, you might find him (and his beard) enjoying a game of disc golf, tennis, or hiking up whatever he finds to climb.

Like Old Faithful, however, it’s what’s below the surface that makes this one interesting. He can solve a Rubik’s cube in under a minute, dabbles in cup stacking, and loves video games, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek and Harry Potter. To top that, Tyler is a cartoonist who draws inspiration from Adventure Time, then draws his way around our halls daily leaving us in awe when we spot one of his creations.

Yes, beneath it all, Tyler is a self-professed nerd. And recently, a rapper.*

Putting all of Tyler’s skills to good use isn’t easy. Luckily we’ve got wireframes, whiteboards and wizardry aplenty, so we’re up for the challenge as long as he is.

*Big T put it down in a pitch-hop competition for redpepper. We won.

See Tyler at work (and play)
Erik Carlson | Our People / redpepper

redpepper Integrated Ad Agency

Ad Agency by day. Invention lab by night.

Erik Carlson

In-house Entrepreneur

A Few Words About Erik

The only person who has seen more of the map than Carmen Sandiego, Erik’s inherent wanderlust dates back to his birth.

In Nigeria.
To humanitarian parents.

We didn’t know that happened in real life, either.

Nowadays, when he’s not gallivanting around Bali with a monkey on his shoulder or driving through the Costa Rican jungle during an earthquake, you’ll find him day dreaming about the next big thing at his state-of-the-art stand up desk.

After 15 years of experience in high-tech biz — in senior product and marketing roles at Microsoft, American Express, Opower, and Onvia, and as CEO of Streamweaver — Erik is a pro at spinning dreams into reality. As our very own startup craftsman, he commands redpepper’s Lab-born business ventures through discovery, validation and launch-readiness.

In short, you can think of Erik as a Swiss Army knife for businesses. And not because he can open a can of black beans with the slightest of ease, but because his versatility and broad skill set equip him to provide creative perspective, tackle obstacles, and move things forward.

Plus, he’s more of a pinto guy. Bada-bean!*

*We forgot to mention he LOVES corny jokes. That one’s for you, E.

See Erik at work (and play)
Micah Sledge | Our People / redpepper

redpepper Integrated Ad Agency

Ad Agency by day. Invention lab by night.

Micah Sledge

UX Overachiever

A Few Words About Micah

Band t-shirts.
And victory screams.

These are a few of Micah’s favorite things.

When this UX/UI Designer isn’t making the most user-centric, screen-friendly websites and apps out there, rest assured he’s still putting his creative powers to good use.

For starters, Micah’s years of scrutinizing band T-shirts paid off when he won the annual pepperpalooza T-shirt design contest, a feat he didn’t realize he’d been preparing for his whole life. 

Speaking of patience, Micah once spent 141 days growing a full beard before shaving it to resemble the beards of familiar and fabled characters. And while his experimental facial fur may have cost this trivia whiz the hot seat on Who Wants to be a Millionaire, we say owning a snapshot of oneself impersonating Forrest Gump during his running phase is — well — priceless.

Important non-fictional characters in Micah’s life are his wife Lindsay, their dog, Presley (a known burrito thief), and Micah’s family, who snag credit for his top-notch taste in good grammar, fine art and all things musical.

Next, Micah wants to make a play in the sports world by designing logos for fantasy football teams. If your crew needs some brag-worthy branding, you might consider Micah’s stats while making your picks.

He might even throw in an autographed beard photo if you ask nicely.

See Micah at work (and play)
Jeremy Mitchell | Our People / redpepper

redpepper Integrated Ad Agency

Ad Agency by day. Invention lab by night.

A Few Words About Jeremy

Some prolific thinkers stockpile ideas for ‘someday’. Jeremy is not one of those people. He’s known for turning fresh, fragile ideas into fully functional websites — in fewer than 24 hours. 

He once bought a URL on a hunch while sitting at a red light. That was, followed by (and preceded by about eight other sites he’s designed, curates and manages by night - but who’s counting).

In his offline life, his two daughters rule all. And between Jeremy and his wife, a fellow designer, the Mitchells’ Boston terrier, Lucy, has been roaming agency hallways for more years than her parents care to mention.

Jeremy is also an inspiring filmmaker and, most recently, a stripe painter. A confessed baseball junkie, Jeremy’s latest venture — Mitchell Bat Co. — is a Grand Slam. The brains and elbow grease behind the operation, Jeremy personally hand paints, polishes and sells the slickest baseball bats we’ve ever seen. Best of all, he does it for two good reasons: To delight avid fans like himself with heritage-inspired memorabilia and to raise proceeds for Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI), a program endorsed and run by Major League Baseball.

We know, right? This guy.

Yes, if Jeremy is glued to something you can bet he’s watching stats. Be they those of his latest digital creation or the Cubs, Jeremy’s eyes were born on the ball.

We’re just glad he’s on our team.

See Jeremy at work (and play)
Matt Walkley | Our People / redpepper

redpepper Integrated Ad Agency

Ad Agency by day. Invention lab by night.

Matt Walkley

Designer of Productivity

A Few Words About Matt

Is there something else you should be doing right now? If you were Matt Walkley, who manages his schedule like a Swiss timepiece, you’d have a reminder telling you so.

A fervent believer in all things productivity related, this quick-witted UX Designer does not mess around when it comes to efficiency. Or homemade BBQ sauce.

If Matt is deep in thought, chances are he’s mulling over one of three things: the next addition to his 90’s playlist, smoking something (meats! he smokes meats, you guys) or—most likely—making stuff that’s a little more user-friendly. From life hacks to websites, human-centered utility is his purpose in life.

When he’s not working his magic online or in the kitchen, you’ll find the Virginia native and James Madison University graduate consuming offline media like a pro. Matt won’t just lurch into the middle of any series, though he’ll happily track down book one/episode one of anything you recommend and work his way through present day. After all, what’s a good story without its true beginning?

Speaking of good stories, ask Matt about his band from days gone by - the Holiday Hipsters. Or, you can just look ‘em up on iTunes right now. If you’ve nothing better to do, of course.

See Matt at work (and play)
Darcy Ferrara | Our People / redpepper

redpepper Integrated Ad Agency

Ad Agency by day. Invention lab by night.

Darcy Ferrara

Numbers Whiz

A Few Words About Darcy

If something’s happening with numbers around here, there’s a chance Darcy Ferrara has her eye on it. This first-rate financier has more than nine years of experience in the industry and with a background in the Army, she knows how to get down to business.

Whether that business includes shredding receipts or shredding the slopes, Darcy isn’t your average accountant. Her most recent financial feats took place at GMR Marketing in Milwaukee. But before that, she worked her magic at a few other places—including a stint as a financial analyst at a casino. Boy, are we glad she decided to take a gamble on us.

When she’s not whipping us into shape, Darcy loves using fresh produce from her garden to craft Italian food for her husband and two children. So whether it’s food, fun, or finance, Darcy never does anything halfway—and that makes her a redpepper by nature.

Did we mention John Mellencamp once sent her roses? We’ll let her tell that story.

See Darcy at work (and play)
Erin Sephel | Our People / redpepper

redpepper Integrated Ad Agency

Ad Agency by day. Invention lab by night.

Erin Sephel

Social Media Ace

A Few Words About Erin

She might be quiet, but that’s probably because she’s smoothing out a punch line behind those sweet, smiling eyes. A quick wit with a calm demeanor, Erin’s a natural when it comes to packing one-liners with charm, making her a perfect fit for our social media team. Whether she’s crafting a message for Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you better believe her words will brighten your day.

And words aren’t her only love. Erin has done more research in the past than any normally curious person would ever care to do. She can casually drop geodemographic into a sentence, and frequently travels to the far depths of both books and the Internet to fortify her ideas. We love this about her. 

When she’s not swimming swiftly through a social to-do list, Erin’s down time is much quieter. Self-described as primitive, she lives life at home sans cable and Internet. Instead, she spends time writing, reading, yoga-ing, gardening, biking with family (by the way, she has a twin*), painting, and more. And she always reads the Sunday comics—always.

Go ahead. Ask this one to tell you a joke and try not to laugh. We dare you.

*Erin is currently in a long-distance twinship. They haven’t quite mastered telepathy, but they’re working on it.

See Erin at work (and play)
Yancey Kenna | Our People / redpepper

redpepper Integrated Ad Agency

Ad Agency by day. Invention lab by night.

Yancey Kenna

Social Virtuoso

A Few Words About Yancey

Authenticity is at the heart of good conversation. And what is more authentic than a city girl with southern soul? Meet Yancey Kenna.

Her fresh rocker style merely hints at the rich layers beneath her warm personality.

For starters, her love for animals is homegrown. Yancey was raised with a pony, 4 dogs and 2 cats on 3 fishpond-dotted acres — in the middle of Atlanta. This love has inspired her top-of-the-bucket-list trip: An adventure in Africa for a little less-civilized creature watching. (Can we go too?)

For now, you’ll find her rummaging for fashionable vintage scores, her next favorite thing. Not one for mass-produced finery, Yancey prefers one-of-a-kind statement pieces. And she’ll do almost anything to find them.

We’re just thrilled she found us.

This down-to-earth intellectual comes to redpepper from BBDO Atlanta, where she livened up the stories behind brands like AT&T, REI, and Arby’s. No big deal, right?

Never short on conversation starters, Yancey is now our go-to for all things social, community and content related. From strategy development to influencing content of all shapes and sizes, her savvy voice lends value to dialogue of all sorts.

Lucky for us, Yancey was also raised on a healthy diet of classic rock, making this musical place — which she describes as “a city with a little more soul” — a natural fit after living in both Atlanta and New York.

Coming from Yancey, it’s a compliment Nashville shouldn’t take lightly.

See Yancey at work (and play)
Jennifer Williams | Our People / redpepper

redpepper Integrated Ad Agency

Ad Agency by day. Invention lab by night.

Jennifer Williams

International Marketing Maven

A Few Words About Jennifer

If redpepper magically morphed into an episode of The Amazing Race, we’d all scramble for the same partner: Jennifer Lawson Williams.

Hidden beneath her easygoing demeanor and quick smile is a sharp-thinking, world-traveled explorer with more handy brain tools than a souped-up Swiss Army knife. England, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland—these are just some of the countries Jen’s added to her passport over the years. (She also lived in France for a while, where she picked up that perfect touch of je ne sais quoi.)

Her career path is equally interesting. She’s managed regional communications for an entire Florida hospital system, developed new marketing strategies for Vanderbilt University’s Study Abroad Office and headed up major branding initiatives for countless communities across the U.S.  And now she’s all ours.

Well, not all ours.

Because Jen’s also a wife and a mother to four-year-old Leela, which adds an entirely new category of expertise to her already vast knowledge bank.

Speaking of knowledge, did we mention that Jen’s an avid fan of sci-fi movies? Let’s just say this: If our account service team ever encounters an alien, evil wizard or genetically altered being, she’ll be plenty prepared for that too.

See Jennifer at work (and play)
Leslie Jones | Our People / redpepper

redpepper Integrated Ad Agency

Ad Agency by day. Invention lab by night.

Leslie Jones

Well-Rounded Wordaholic

A Few Words About Leslie

Leslie has mad respect for rhythm. Be it through proverb or poetry, speech or storytelling, hip-hop or harmony—well-delivered words make her heart skip a beat.

And don’t get us started on her dance moves.

She snagged her first award for a written performance at age nine: First place in a poetry contest. (Yes, she can still recite it by heart.) A few years later found Leslie nursing an addiction to music videos. She perched by the VCR, waiting to press record and capture the lyrics—and choreography—that brought her favorite songs to life. Naturally, she snagged a few commercials in the process, and couldn’t resist dissecting those too. Soon, she fell in love with another art form: creative persuasion. Forget dreamboats. Our gal was more interested in timing and delivery.

Speaking of timing, we couldn’t have chosen a better moment to ink Leslie’s name on the redpepper roster.

After six years of honing her business skills in both media and account service roles, Leslie finally found her path back to the creative side. In fact, you might say Leslie’s pencil has been sharpened from all angles. From crafting content plans to writing the content itself, she’s truly a versatile creative (our favorite kind).

When Leslie’s not developing web copy, concepting campaigns or polishing her latest short story, she’s finding new ways to use words as currency. For example, when she needed a new laptop, she tracked down a poetry contest boasting a MacBook as the prize.

We’ll give you two guesses as to who took it home. 

See Leslie at work (and play)
Sarah Bina | Our People / redpepper

redpepper Integrated Ad Agency

Ad Agency by day. Invention lab by night.

Sarah Bina

Contagious Creative

A Few Words About Sarah

Sunny Sarah Bina loves stormy weather, getting down and dirty at grungy rock concerts and repurposing vintage items. Basically, she has all the makings of the next quirky lead in a romantic comedy, but with a bit of an edge and some serious talent.

This Oklahoma native skipped into the Nashville scene just a year ago with her contagious laughter and passion for packaging. Since then, she’s added her touch to many a redpepper project.

Sarah is at her happiest when she’s making art that also requires others to use their hands. She loves creating things that the user can experience, look through and peel apart.

She’s the kind of gal who will pop off vintage baby doll heads to make a paperweight, was once in the junior olympics for clogging, creates her own clothes, and still claims to be inspired by other people’s love for creativity outside of work.

Personally, we’re wondering where she’s buying these extra hours — and how much it would cost us to take that paperweight off of her hands.

See Sarah at work (and play)
Tim McMullen | Our People / redpepper

redpepper Integrated Ad Agency

Ad Agency by day. Invention lab by night.

Tim McMullen

Marketing Scientist

A Few Words About Tim

The agency business is already a little, let’s say, “different.”

But, when Tim McMullen set out to create an agency unlike any other, even he couldn’t imagine the craziness that lied ahead.

Every day for the last 10+ years, Tim has done everything he can to create an environment where people are constantly growing and performing at their creative best. He calls it Peak Performance. 

Tim now speaks nationally on the two topics he knows best: company culture and integrated marketing. Today, redpepper’s entire culture is still built around planned growth and the idea of deliberately seeking out ways to be better than you were the day before. 

This intense focus on culture has since created a company that has grown consistently over the years (In fact, redpepper is one of the fastest growing companies in country according to Inc. Magazine.) It has also helped to produce some of the most innovative and effective work in the industry. Among other local, regional and national awards, redpepper was named American Marketing Association’s Marketer of the Year two years in a row. (2009 in Atlanta and 2010 in Nashville)

When he is not trying to change the ad world with one crazy idea after another, Tim is at home wrestling with his four kids or hiking with his wife in Colorado. He even tries to relive his old pro-soccer playing days in the local men’s league.  

We don’t know what Tim has in store for us in the next 10 years, mainly because he won’t tell us. But one thing we do know: We’re all going to grow like crazy and have fun doing it.

See Tim at work (and play)
Rachael Schendel | Our People / redpepper

redpepper Integrated Ad Agency

Ad Agency by day. Invention lab by night.

Rachael Schendel

Director of Details

A Few Words About Rachael

Rachael Schendel is:

a designer
a creative director
a mom
a runner
a big fan of lists.

In fact, she’s the most organized creative we’ve ever met. Which is a good thing since she tends to be involved in some crazy big projects around here.

After earning a degree in advertising, Rachael decided to teach herself a thing or two about design and quickly found a job laying out newspapers. Nine years later her portfolio includes everything from national TV spots to award-winning advertising to multi-part, integrated campaigns. She’s also the mastermind behind “One For Y’all” t-shirts which raised more than $10,000 for tornado relief in Alabama.

redpepper isn’t the only place where Rachael’s talents shine though. This southern belle has her own line of whimsical invitations and announcements that spotlight her knack for simple, clean, beautiful design.

She also has a reputation for hosting great get-togethers.

Now, if only we could get on her guest list.

See Rachael at work (and play)
Dave McMullen | Our People / redpepper

redpepper Integrated Ad Agency

Ad Agency by day. Invention lab by night.

Dave McMullen

Lead Visionary

A Few Words About Dave

Where most people see merely the inkling of an idea, Dave McMullen spots a dynamic business. This ever-thinking entrepreneur lives for the challenge of learning something new and spreading that knowledge to others.

His brilliance hasn’t gone unnoticed either.

In a single year, Dave was named AMA-Atlanta’s Agency Marketer of the Year, Catalyst Magazine’s #14 Entrepreneur, and Pinnacle’s Small Business Person of the Year. (No surprise to us.)

If there’s one thing we admire most about Dave, it’s his genuine, full-hearted view of the world and its possibilities. See it for yourself: Just ask him to talk about redpepper’s strengths and passions then watch his face.

Speaking of things Dave loves, this unquenchable learner and teacher also has a particular fondness for Dr. Seuss.

There’s no denying that Seuss saw the world through a different lens and could communicate it in ways no one could ignore. Which sounds a lot like the strategies and vision Dave brings to redpepper as a trailblazing partner.

When he’s not thinking up the next big thing, studying a new business model or biography, or sharing his learning through articles or speaking gigs, this family man is unwinding at home with his wife and two kids.

Oh, and he also competes in two soccer leagues.

Take that, Dr. Seuss.

See Dave at work (and play)
Cat Garnett | Our People / redpepper

redpepper Integrated Ad Agency

Ad Agency by day. Invention lab by night.

A Few Words About Cat

We all know the saying, but in this case curiosity didn’t kill the Cat.
It just made her all the more interesting.

How many people do you know who have gotten a call from the Terror Squad?
Or who can say they’ve swam with porpoises?
Or who have studied ballet, Latin, ballroom dancing and guitar?

Yep. There’s only one Cat Garnett.

Cat’s insatiable appetite for trying new things goes hand-in-hand with her role as our professional researcher. She’s always digging into fresh topics, from footwear trends to Pinterest. She can condense hundreds of pages of information into 10-page gems of insight. And she can predict the future.*

Did we mention she was President of the International Association of Business Communicators last year and still serves on their executive board?

We have no idea how Cat has any free time, but she does. And she fills it with Pilates,  hanging with her pup Harley and watching NASCAR. Oh, and she plays guitar and does some songwriting too. In fact, after her trip to Vegas last year for the Professional Bull Riding Finals, we were a bit surprised that she didn’t pick up bull-riding.

But there’s still time.

* Okay, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch. But her insights are uncannily accurate.

See Cat at work (and play)
Matt Reed | Our People / redpepper

redpepper Integrated Ad Agency

Ad Agency by day. Invention lab by night.

Matt Reed

InterWired Wizard

A Few Words About Matt

In a dark corner of redpepper, illuminated by a digital fireplace, sits a lanky shadow quietly bringing the impossible to life. “You can’t kick ass with both feet on the ground” is written in chalk behind him.

That’s our Matt.

This prolific creative has a passion for anything in the web-world. He jumped on the Internet wave in the late 90s and has since soaked up everything from Development and Databases to Photoshop, HTML6 (not a typo) and beyond.

Today, Matt laughs in the face of basic website building. Instead, he creates projects that inspire the imagination and capture the attention of heavy hitters like Mashable, Wired and the Wall Street Journal. (Check out more serious name-dropping below.)

Matt’s recent wonderpets include a QR code made of Oreos and a LikeLight made of Legos. This isn’t just a clever piece of Lego art, though. The blinking LikeLight actually alerts us whenever our Facebook page gets a like.

It also blinks whenever Lil’ Wayne’s Facebook page gets a like.

When he’s not busy thinking up his next mind-boggling creation, Matt can be found brewing his own beer. He also loves Trap, mountain biking, snowboarding, camping and hanging out with family, friends and of course, his lovely wife.*

Lil’ Wayne wishes he was this cool.

*Soon to be wife and baby. 

See Matt at work (and play)
Nate Fleming | Our People / redpepper

redpepper Integrated Ad Agency

Ad Agency by day. Invention lab by night.

Nate Fleming

Strategic Guru

A Few Words About Nate

Writer, strategist, designer, actor, musician, chef, photographer…

Nate doesn’t just wear many hats. He wears them really well. On top of that, he has great hair. Honestly, if we didn’t love the guy so much, we’d probably hate him.

Nate came to Nashville from the Black Hills of South Dakota as a performing musician. Little did he know that he would soon become one of the founding fathers of a dynamite agency known today as redpepper.

Don’t think he picked up this ad hat on a whim though. Branding comes naturally for Nate who is the son of a lifelong, award-winning ad man.

Today, Nate’s voice continues to be applauded by many. He’s delivered keynotes to the International Association of Business Communicators and appeared as a speaker and panelist in the Nashville Business Journal’s Crash Course in Marketing seminar. His words have also made their way to, and the highly trafficked industry blog, Adrants.

Obviously, we’re pretty big fans too.

Whether he’s providing keen insights into why we humans do what we do, delving into the mindset of a new target audience, or building solid strategic foundations for our next project, Nate isn’t just a brainiac. He’s a brainiac on a mission.

Lucky for us, wisdom isn’t the only thing he’s eager to share. Catch this generous cook at lunchtime and he’ll happily offer leftovers from his latest dish.

Grab a fork, y’all.
If it’s coming from Nate, you won’t want to miss it. 

See Nate at work (and play)
Caroline Hamel | Our People / redpepper

redpepper Integrated Ad Agency

Ad Agency by day. Invention lab by night.

Caroline Hamel

Planning Maestro

A Few Words About Caroline

There’s a phrase we repeat a lot around here. In fact, before every meeting, we bow our heads and chant: “Everyone is uniquely creative.” *

Caroline Hamel is the perfect example of that.

Whether she’s putting the finishing touch on an oversized masterpiece, adding to her ever-expanding collage of travel photos, or working on her latest scrapbook — Caroline taps into the right side of her brain almost as much as the left.

She also knows how to put both sides of that brain to work. 

After more than nine years in the business, she’s a pro at pulling together the right people and the right elements to make huge things happen. As part of our Studio Group, Caroline helps plan everything from photo shoots to large promotions.

When she’s not orchestrating the next big thing, Caroline can be found working on “Project Life” — her latest creative endeavor which documents daily life for a year through pictures and journaling.

Did we mention this artist/logistics superstar is also a new mom? 
Yeah, we don’t know how she does it all either.

*Ok, not really. But that is one of our core values.

See Caroline at work (and play)
Jaron Jackson | Our People / redpepper

redpepper Integrated Ad Agency

Ad Agency by day. Invention lab by night.

Jaron Jackson

Double-Degreed Designer

A Few Words About Jaron

If we had a list of “People We’d Like to Be When We Grow Up,” Jaron Jackson would be at the top.

Jaron is silent, steady and willing to help — and wildly creative.

In his previous lives, this whiz-kid designed shoes, crafted action figures from hand and cultivated a love for origami. But, then he took a small detour and spent eight years at Deloitte working in information technology.

Finally, after years of being left-brained by day and right-brained by night, Jaron embraced his true calling and went back to school for a second degree in graphic design.

Today, Jaron seeks out projects that allow him to work in multiple mediums. He appreciates art that lives on a computer screen almost as much as the kind that requires scissors and glue.

Besides all things creative, Jaron loves basketball, Bugs Bunny, video games and cooking. He’s taken classes in sushi making and French cuisine, and can whip up a killer hummus.

Sorry, Deloitte, he’s all ours now.

See Jaron at work (and play)
Carl Schulz | Our People / redpepper

redpepper Integrated Ad Agency

Ad Agency by day. Invention lab by night.

Carl Schulz

Creator Without Borders

A Few Words About Carl

Some people are artistically gifted. Others are more tech-minded. Carl Schulz happens to be both. He’s also one of those strange people who work in order to work more.

So what makes this cross-country creative constantly “on?” Some say he was born that way. Carl says it’s his passion for telling visual stories through website design, film and photography.

And boy, does he have some stories to tell.

Carl grew up in Northern Brazil and still loves to travel. In fact, international couch surfing is one of his many hobbies. When he isn’t building websites or mopeds, Carl can be found cooking, writing music videos or collaborating with friends on his next creative project.

Other bold dots on Carl’s timeline include building his first website at 14 (a Nirvana tribute site) and being the video master for the viral hit Beeri.

Now, let’s all raise our glasses to Carl.

See Carl at work (and play)
Samara Anderson | Our People / redpepper

redpepper Integrated Ad Agency

Ad Agency by day. Invention lab by night.

Samara Anderson

Brazen New Biz Strategist

A Few Words About Samara

She may be dressed to the nines, but Samara Anderson prefers life unpackaged. She loves scuba diving and is especially fond of action-filled trips to faraway countries — preferably with her husband. (Double date in Belize, anyone?)

The only thing Samara likes better than making people laugh is making them think. Drawing from ten years of experience and wicked smart intuition, this PYT (Powerful Young Talent) is always bringing fresh insights to the table.

Don’t take our word for it though. Just ask the people who’ve heard her speak at The Georgia Governor’s Conference, the Southeast Tourism Society’s Marketing College, or a laundry list of other big-wig events.   

While you’re at it, tell them we said “hi” too. 

See Samara at work (and play)
Ann Cannon | Our People / redpepper

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Ann Cannon

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A Few Words About Ann

When you’re one of seven siblings, you pick up a thing or two about getting along with others. Which is probably why Ann Cannon is such a good listener. She’s also hyper perceptive and has an eagle eye for details. (Don’t try to sneak any new perfumes or weekend nose jobs past her.)

In addition to her natural-born gifts, Ann draws from 22 years of experience in ad agencies across the country, from Asheville to Nashville and a lot of other cities in between that don’t rhyme.

She’s helped brand everyone from Viking Range and Frigidaire Appliances to Kirkland’s and United Way.

Don’t let all the work talk fool you though.

If there’s one thing Ann’s even more passionate about, it’s her family. Whether she’s hanging out at home with her husband and two kids, or kicking back at the Jersey Shore with the entire Fox pack (How’s that for a cool maiden name?) there’s no place Ann would rather be.

Except maybe the Turks & Caicos. 

See Ann at work (and play)
Ryan Dunlap | Our People / redpepper

redpepper Integrated Ad Agency

Ad Agency by day. Invention lab by night.

Ryan Dunlap

Champion of Intuition

A Few Words About Ryan

Some people dream in color.
Ryan Dunlap dreams in blueprints.

Skateboard ramps, kitchen cabinets, righteously cool websites, beer-pouring toys controlled by tweets; If there’s an idea waiting to be brought to life (digitally or physically), Ryan’s on it.

But that’s only half the story.

Because this master craftsman is equally obsessed with how people use the things he builds — especially when it comes to his digital workshop. Whether he’s hammering out ways to make a site more user-friendly or simply studying how humans and computers interact, Ryan prefers his creations with brains and beauty.

Don’t think he spends all his time locked on to a computer screen though. He’s just as devoted to scoreboards and religiously follows sports of all kinds, both live and via ESPN.

Ryan’s also an arcade basketball fiend who, in his bio interview, challenged everyone at redpepper to test his nothing-but-net skills.

Really, Ryan? A game that combines sports and technology?

You win.

See Ryan at work (and play)
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