Dave McMullen

Lead Visionary

A Few Words About Dave

Where most people see merely the inkling of an idea, Dave McMullen spots a dynamic business. This ever-thinking entrepreneur lives for the challenge of learning something new and spreading that knowledge to others.

His brilliance hasn’t gone unnoticed either.

In a single year, Dave was named AMA-Atlanta’s Agency Marketer of the Year, Catalyst Magazine’s #14 Entrepreneur, and Pinnacle’s Small Business Person of the Year. (No surprise to us.)

If there’s one thing we admire most about Dave, it’s his genuine, full-hearted view of the world and its possibilities. See it for yourself: Just ask him to talk about redpepper’s strengths and passions then watch his face.

Speaking of things Dave loves, this unquenchable learner and teacher also has a particular fondness for Dr. Seuss.

There’s no denying that Seuss saw the world through a different lens and could communicate it in ways no one could ignore. Which sounds a lot like the strategies and vision Dave brings to redpepper as a trailblazing partner.

When he’s not thinking up the next big thing, studying a new business model or biography, or sharing his learning through articles or speaking gigs, this family man is unwinding at home with his wife and two kids.

Oh, and he also competes in two soccer leagues.

Take that, Dr. Seuss.

See Dave at work (and play)