Jaron Jackson

Double-Degreed Designer

A Few Words About Jaron

If we had a list of “People We’d Like to Be When We Grow Up,” Jaron Jackson would be at the top.

Jaron is silent, steady and willing to help — and wildly creative.

In his previous lives, this whiz-kid designed shoes, crafted action figures from hand and cultivated a love for origami. But, then he took a small detour and spent eight years at Deloitte working in information technology.

Finally, after years of being left-brained by day and right-brained by night, Jaron embraced his true calling and went back to school for a second degree in graphic design.

Today, Jaron seeks out projects that allow him to work in multiple mediums. He appreciates art that lives on a computer screen almost as much as the kind that requires scissors and glue.

Besides all things creative, Jaron loves basketball, Bugs Bunny, video games and cooking. He’s taken classes in sushi making and French cuisine, and can whip up a killer hummus.

Sorry, Deloitte, he’s all ours now.

See Jaron at work (and play)