Matt Reed

InterWired Wizard

A Few Words About Matt

In a dark corner of redpepper, illuminated by a digital fireplace, sits a lanky shadow quietly bringing the impossible to life. “You can’t kick ass with both feet on the ground” is written in chalk behind him.

That’s our Matt.

This prolific creative has a passion for anything in the web-world. He jumped on the Internet wave in the late 90s and has since soaked up everything from Development and Databases to Photoshop, HTML6 (not a typo) and beyond.

Today, Matt laughs in the face of basic website building. Instead, he creates projects that inspire the imagination and capture the attention of heavy hitters like Mashable, Wired and the Wall Street Journal. (Check out more serious name-dropping below.)

Matt’s recent wonderpets include a QR code made of Oreos and a LikeLight made of Legos. This isn’t just a clever piece of Lego art, though. The blinking LikeLight actually alerts us whenever our Facebook page gets a like.

It also blinks whenever Lil’ Wayne’s Facebook page gets a like.

When he’s not busy thinking up his next mind-boggling creation, Matt can be found brewing his own beer. He also loves Trap, mountain biking, snowboarding, camping and hanging out with family, friends and of course, his lovely wife.*

Lil’ Wayne wishes he was this cool.

*Soon to be wife and baby. 

See Matt at work (and play)