Ryan Dunlap

Champion of Intuition

A Few Words About Ryan

Some people dream in color.
Ryan Dunlap dreams in blueprints.

Skateboard ramps, kitchen cabinets, righteously cool websites, beer-pouring toys controlled by tweets; If there’s an idea waiting to be brought to life (digitally or physically), Ryan’s on it.

But that’s only half the story.

Because this master craftsman is equally obsessed with how people use the things he builds — especially when it comes to his digital workshop. Whether he’s hammering out ways to make a site more user-friendly or simply studying how humans and computers interact, Ryan prefers his creations with brains and beauty.

Don’t think he spends all his time locked on to a computer screen though. He’s just as devoted to scoreboards and religiously follows sports of all kinds, both live and via ESPN.

Ryan’s also an arcade basketball fiend who, in his bio interview, challenged everyone at redpepper to test his nothing-but-net skills.

Really, Ryan? A game that combines sports and technology?

You win.

See Ryan at work (and play)