Samara Anderson

Brazen New Biz Strategist

A Few Words About Samara

She may be dressed to the nines, but Samara Anderson prefers life unpackaged. She loves scuba diving and is especially fond of action-filled trips to faraway countries — preferably with her husband. (Double date in Belize, anyone?)

The only thing Samara likes better than making people laugh is making them think. Drawing from ten years of experience and wicked smart intuition, this PYT (Powerful Young Talent) is always bringing fresh insights to the table.

Don’t take our word for it though. Just ask the people who’ve heard her speak at The Georgia Governor’s Conference, the Southeast Tourism Society’s Marketing College, or a laundry list of other big-wig events.   

While you’re at it, tell them we said “hi” too. 

See Samara at work (and play)