Sarah Bina

Contagious Creative

A Few Words About Sarah

Sunny Sarah Bina loves stormy weather, getting down and dirty at grungy rock concerts and repurposing vintage items. Basically, she has all the makings of the next quirky lead in a romantic comedy, but with a bit of an edge and some serious talent.

This Oklahoma native skipped into the Nashville scene just a year ago with her contagious laughter and passion for packaging. Since then, she’s added her touch to many a redpepper project.

Sarah is at her happiest when she’s making art that also requires others to use their hands. She loves creating things that the user can experience, look through and peel apart.

She’s the kind of gal who will pop off vintage baby doll heads to make a paperweight, was once in the junior olympics for clogging, creates her own clothes, and still claims to be inspired by other people’s love for creativity outside of work.

Personally, we’re wondering where she’s buying these extra hours — and how much it would cost us to take that paperweight off of her hands.

See Sarah at work (and play)