Red-Hot Rebrand

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From a regional shipper to a national competitor.

Founded in 1971 as a regional trucking company, Averitt had outgrown their Southeastern service zone and were becoming a major player in moving freight across the country and beyond. But while they were ready to compete nationally against companies like UPS and FedEx, the marketplace could only see the small-stakes shipper they had always known to be Averitt Express. Averitt needed to send a clear message about their new, powerful capabilities. That’s where we came in.

New identity through color

People in the transportation industry like to link big brands with colors. So, our first move was to find a single color to become associated with Averitt. We eventually settled on Averitt Red, which was already featured on more than 2,000 of their trucks and otherwise unclaimed in the industry. From there we brought Averitt Red to the forefront of the visible branding transformation, and even created a new tagline inspired by it: Think Red Instead.

Refreshed name & logo

In order to reflect how the market already referred to the brand, we shortened the name Averitt Express to the simpler Averitt. The logo was then evolved to modernize the image and mirror the Think Red Instead messaging.

Internal campaign

Since Averitt’s associates are the face of their company, we started with an “invertising” campaign to help them embrace the new brand. From redesigning the standard uniform so they could wear the changes they were seeing, to sending CEO-written letters that explained the reasons for the radical rebrand, we made sure no detail was overlooked.

All-new appearance

Replacing the logo on more than 2,000 trucks was just the first step in showing off Averitt’s new look. To reintroduce Averitt as a provider for all transportation solutions, we completely redesigned the brand’s fleet of external communications materials, including capabilities brochures, case studies, sales brochures and even business cards. And, since the website is a 24/7 communications tool, we caught it up to speed too. We also designed print ads with Averitt’s new message for all the major industry publications.

Red-Hot Results

The new Averitt brand was welcomed into the market place with open arms – and open wallets. Today the brand is moving more freight than ever before, and they show no signs of cooling off.