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From a patchwork of products to a brand of beauty.

For a company as big as SVP, sewing machines themselves are only the beginning of the product offering. There’s also the aftermarket side, which consists of all the tools and materials you might need to actually use your machine. And while sewers have traditionally stuck to their machine’s brand when buying aftermarket tools, SVP saw an opportunity in creating Inspira, an aftermarket-only brand designed specifically to cross over the various machine-owning audiences. Before long, Inspira found itself with dozens of products but no unified identity to elevate its perception from a generic brand to a respected player. That’s where we came in.

Consistent visual identity.

We knew the Inspira audience was young and fresh, but not to the extent of being trendy. Wanting to walk that line carefully, we found inspiration in the textile practice of mixing and matching bold, colorful patterned fabrics into a single design. The resulting visual identity not only emulates a major design feature of many sewing techniques, but also simplifies organization by setting a color code for each product type.

User-friendly packaging.

Going beyond merely updating the packaging with the brand’s new identity, we totally rethought how to package these aftermarket products. Every element was considered individually for the stabilizers, needles and scissors. For instance, consumers have traditionally needed to keep turning a stabilizer’s cylindrical package simply to read the product’s information. We set out to find and solve every basic user-experience challenge like that one, developing solutions that included custom icons, color systems and simplified messaging.

Collateral worth keeping.

Carrying our fresh perspective into Inspira’s collateral, we found an opportunity to revamp the stabilizer reference guide. After all, we knew consumers considered it a tool worth keeping in their sewing drawer. So we redesigned the piece specifically for that purpose, making it more durable and aesthetically pleasing, while also simpler to use.

Equipping the retailers.

With the new identity and packaging in place, we needed to get sales managers and retailers on board with Inspira’s new reality as a one-stop shop for all aftermarket needs. We designed merchandisers that were flexible enough to be positioned different ways in a store, while also attractive enough to stand out to consumers and clear enough to simplify their shopping experience.