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Lifelong Loyalty Program

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32% increase in sales. That’s a hard-working pair of boots.

John Deere Boots was positioned as the leader in mining boots, but increased competition was threatening their top spot. So, they came to us. During research we found out that, due to harsh physical demands, miners typically go through several sets of laces for each pair of boots they purchase. This nugget of insight led us toward a strategy centered around a loyalty program that could protect John Deere’s leadership position and increase sales. The Laces for Life program offered miners free laces for the lifetime of their John Deere Miner’s boots.

Promotional elements

All John Deere Miner’s Boot retailers were sent flyers with information about the program. We also spread the word through real estate in the John Deere Boots core product catalog as well as ads in trade show books.

Point-of-sale tools

To help build awareness with consumers, we also sent all John Deere Miner’s Boot retailers a Laces for Life container full of miner’s boot laces that could be displayed at their sales counters.

Consumer-focused packaging

The boot box, with its cutaway image showing the inside features of the miner’s boot and a description of the benefits, was one more opportunity to reach the consumer. It educated miners on the superior quality, comfort and durability of the boots. An enrollment card inside the box explained the loyalty program and included a sign-up form.

Program components

We found out through phone interviews that miners liked receiving free stickers for their hardhats. So, once John Deere Boots received the completed enrollment form, the miner was sent a welcome letter which included a loyalty card and hardhat sticker. The sticker helped instill brand pride and encouraged word-of-mouth awareness among miners.

Rock-hard results

The John Deere Miner’s Boots “Laces for Life” program received overwhelmingly positive responses from retailers and miners. In fact, it didn’t just retain market share for the brand, it increased it and created double-digit sales growth.