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When the Dan Post Boot Company acquired the license to make boots bearing the John Deere name, they asked us to help launch the first line of John Deere children’s boots – Johnny Poppers. We knew, in order for this launch to be successful, we had to keep three key things in mind: the retailer, the consumer and the John Deere brand image.

Award-winning packaging

We created a colorful box that looked like it was straight out of a children’s book. This eye-catching packaging not only won national design awards, it also helped make the Johnny Poppers launch one of the company’s most successful new product launches ever.

Custom photography

Authenticity and durability are key characteristics of the John Deere brand. We knew that it was important to show how Johnny Poppers also represented these qualities. So, as part of the catalog, we included hero photography of the boots in “real-life” situations. The message: Even when kids play hard, these boots play harder.

Pre-tradeshow mailers

With the first tradeshow on the horizon, we wanted to make the Dan Post Boot Company booth a can’t-miss destination. We created and sent out pre-show teaser mailers to pique the interest of key retailers.

Tradeshow video and booth

Tradeshow visitors to the booth were treated to eye-catching graphics and a fun, engaging video that communicated the benefits of carrying the new line of boots. (All designed and produced by yours truly.)

Spreading the word

We needed to get both retailers and consumers talking about this new line of John Deere boots. So, we developed a PR campaign that targeted both industry trade and consumer publications. It worked. Johnny Poppers got product placement coverage in publications like in Earnshaw’s, Country Weekly, Footwear News and Footwear Plus.

Little boots, big results

Orders and sales far exceeded expectations. Johnny Poppers were literally popping off of retailers’ shelves. And the momentum continues to grow. Today, the Johnny Popper line has gone from just eight styles to 56 different styles, with production orders placed well into the future.