A Social Clean Sweep

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Oreck wished for more fans. We delivered 140% growth—no assembly required.

Oreck wanted to grow their database and increase online engagement with their younger, female audience during the holiday shopping season. Turns out, their 30,514 existing Facebook fans represented who they were looking for, so we knew we’d found a sweet spot for inspiring action.

Our Concept Made Connections

Everyone experiences disorder in his or her home around the holidays, so we knew tapping into this insight was on-course. Four distinct and relatable “Merry Mess-making” personalities were introduced—The Crafter, Baker, Wrapper and Cook—and brought to life within a Facebook-centric promotion where they (and their real-life counterparts) could take pride in their carefully-created messes. We then positioned Oreck’s top-of-the-line cleaning products as the hero for tackling any holiday mess, which meant more fun for everyone.

A Gift-worthy Giveaway Game

With a grand prize boasting cash plus three of Oreck’s top-selling products, we attracted over 133,000 visits to our custom Facebook app in one month. Contest entrants were also prompted to play the Gift-A-Day Giveaway game by choosing which Merry Mess-making personality represented them. Daily chances to win Oreck products kept people coming back while customized wall posts for sharing each mess-making alter ego with friends drove continual engagement. These interactions helped spread the word and brought new fans to Oreck’s page—and email database.

Custom Illustrations Caught Attention

Each element of the Merry-Messmaking Giveaway was custom made by one of our award-winning illustrators to showcase the Oreck brand and appeal to their desired audience. Each mess-making personality was given a style all her own—one we knew fans couldn’t resist showing off to friends. Fun fact? The majority of Oreck’s fans are bakers. We’re sure their R&D team is all over that nugget.

The Results? A Clean Win

Oreck truly cleaned up. We blew their goals (and our own) out of the water, growing their fan base by 140% (or 42,840 net new fans) and adding nearly 20,552 new email addresses to their database in one month. The Gift-A-Day Giveaway game was played over 165,978 times and over 7,500 mobile visits were recorded, meaning this engaging distraction was one gift Oreck fans just couldn’t live without.