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A Consumer Engagement Strategy with Righteous Results

Red Kap has been manufacturing work wear longer than most of us have been breathing. 16 million people wear their products every day, subjecting them to grime and punishment that would turn most clothing into useless rags in no time, all the while unaware of the the brand they’re wearing. It was time they knew. So we came up with a way to introduce Red Kap to a segment of heavy users of their products.

Going straight for the gearheads

Ford, Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen…these are just a few of the major names in automotive to which Red Kap supplies uniforms. Our first step in raising brand awareness started with this group. To engage them, we created a place to which automobile mechanics would be naturally drawn—an online haven of muscle car magnificence. Enter The Most Righteous Ride game.

Interactive competition

How the game worked was simple. We licensed a collection of images of muscle cars from across the land and pitted them against one another. Two cars faced off in a virtual "heaven" and the user chose his favorite. The unchosen car was literally shot down in flames and a new pair of cars were presented. All in the name of discovering which ride was the most righteous of them all.

Driving Facebook engagement

As the debate revved up, we evolved the site to allow users to enter the competition by uploading their own rides, which generated a Facebook post encouraging friends in their network to do the same.

Fueling the debate with Facebook ads

In an effort to really bury the engagement needle, we developed Facebook ads that drove more activity to the site. Several concepts were introduced and narrowed to the ads that performed the best. Using this strategy we were able to reduce our per-click rate to 40¢ against a goal of $1.88 and boost the click through rate to .18% which was .13% higher than the national average.

Behaviorally targeted advertising

Our goal was to get as many gearheads as possible to play The Most Righteous Ride game. So, we also created some online banners that appeared on other sites frequented by our audience. At the end of the line these ads achieved a .34% click through rate — .14% above the national average.

Extremely Righteous Results

The only thing better than building an awesome online game is finding the people who’ll truly love playing it. Through highly targeted online ads, we delivered Most Righteous Ride into the trusty hands of genuine gearheads at only $0.40 per click. That’s less than a fourth of the industry average, which means we were 4X more accurate at finding the right audience from the outset. And for every autophile we reached, the game was played an average 18 times. That’s a pretty righteous party, if we say so ourselves.