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Real wood beats the fake stuff with a sticky promotion

The Southern Pine Awareness Network came to us with a serious problem: They were losing market share to composite materials that promised things like better durability for outdoor living projects. Our research indicated that, in spite of the growing demand for “flawless” synthetics, the vast majority of Americans still prefer real wood over any other material. Knowing that pine was already the most chosen material for outdoor projects, we decided champion real wood in general in an effort to lift the entire industry.

An educational (and fun) game and microsite

To remind people of their love for real wood, we built a microsite that invited them to see whether or not they were "woodaholics." The game featured close-up shots of wood grain and a variation on the classic ink blot test. Players were asked to report what they saw and were then scored based on their choices. Each question offered up fun facts about wood products and their superiority over synthetics.

Backyard Sweepstakes

We also launched a Backyard Oasis Sweepstakes to reinforce the concept of using real wood for outdoor living projects. Online banner ads and print ads in Southern Living Magazine promoted the sweepstakes and drove people to the woodaholics game.

Engagement Metrics

At the end of the promotion, nearly half a million people played the interactive game and over 100,000 entered the Backyard Oasis Sweepstakes.