Trevecca Nazarene University

Overachieving Repositioning Campaign

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Turning an overlooked university into a champion of dreams.

Trevecca originally asked for help boosting their application and enrollment counts. However, our research uncovered a bigger problem. The university was being overlooked in their 21-school market. Many thought of them as a small-stakes Bible college when, in reality, they had fantastic academic programs and were fully equipped to springboard students into any number of careers. So, what started as a simple enrollment campaign turned into a full-fledged repositioning project. The result was MORE THAN, an aspirational campaign designed to reach the ideal Trevecca student: someone who’s driven to succeed, motivated by altruism, and knows that college will be a transformational journey.

Creating local awareness

We canvassed the local market with intriguing direct mail pieces, print ads and billboards that enticed students and parents to explore further by visiting the microsite. There, they could watch videos that answered the campaign question, “What does your MORE THAN look like?”

Reaching out through high schools

We loaded up Trevecca’s admissions counselors with pop-up banners and tons of cool swag, and sent them into high-school hallways. They also brought cell phones that students could use to sign up for text updates in exchange for the chance to win an iPhone. We also empowered the ever-influential guidance counselors by creating an online tool that matched high school classes with majors at Trevecca, and even suggested possible career paths.

Engaging youth groups

Since Trevecca is a Christian university, we created a special promotion for youth groups. We reached out to youth pastors at regional churches and invited their youth groups to create a MORE THAN video to win money for the extraordinary things they loved to do. We posted the entries on a microsite and encouraged the entrants to leverage their networks for votes. The top three youth groups received funding for their exceptional work.

Enhancing campus visits

We thought of every way possible to make campus visits truly MORE THAN for potential students — from creating T-shirts and business cards for the recruitment team, to providing a tour script using the campaign language. We also designed follow-up post cards for recruiters to send afterward.

Deepening Connections with Applicants

Our next goal was to raise enrollment conversions. We developed a separate communication stream geared specifically toward drawing Trevecca applicants further into the school’s experience. After applying, students received a recordable postcard with a personal thank you from their admissions counselor. They also received a care package full of swag like flip flops, a campus bookstore gift card, a school newspaper, and a sporting event ticket. We knew the more time potential students spent engaging with Trevecca, the harder it would be to go anywhere else.

MORE THAN ordinary results

Potential students were’t the only ones touched by the university. Their families, communities and churches were, too. Considering application and enrollment increased by more than 30%, it’s safe to say that the impact of MORE THAN was felt all around.